La forge d'Arès

Maintenance tips

The knives that I made are carbon steel (not stainless ) : they have the advantage of possessing a resistant and efficient sharp but the carbon steel is more sensitive to a humid environment longer and also in contact with acidic foods.

If you follow these tips , you will preserve it in perfect conditions.

**!! Something to be avoided : dishwasher or wash with plenty of water!!**

After each use , thoroughly clean your knife with a slightly damp cloth and then wipe it entirely to avoid leaving moisture on the blade and the handle.

The carbon steel blade can change color gradualy what is called the patina . You can either let him (which does nothing to impact its effectiveness ) or clean it with a product such as " Pierre d'argent " that will remove the patina and restore gloss blade.

In the case of a non- extended use of your knife, please lightly oil the handle and the blade.

I remain of course available if you need advice or if you have a problem with your knife.

I remain at your disposal for any questions.